Alki Arts presents the 6th Annual Exhibit Honoring Black History Month
Pacific Place, Level 2
Open Fridays & Saturdays in February from 10am-8pm

Alki Arts Gallery presents their 6th Annual Exhibit Honoring Black History Month at Pacific Place, space 235 next to Express. The well-known Seattle gallery brings together 6 local artists who each honor the subject of ‘Black History’ in their own way, and from their own perspective. The ‘Pop Up’ Gallery space will be open to the public Fridays & Saturdays in February all day from 10am to 8pm.

Besides Friday & Saturday viewing hours, they will also have three public events that will include music, guest speakers, refreshments, and a chance to meet the artists:

  • February 2, Thursday, 5pm – 8pm ‘Opening Night’ w/Musical Guest FYSAH – Hosted by Cheryl Zahniser
  • February 14, Tuesday, 5pm – 8pm ‘Step Afrika Welcome Reception’ – Hosted by O. David Jackson
  • February 17, Friday, 5pm – 8pm ‘Downtown Professionals Mixer’ Hosted by Naegeli Deposition & Trial

For more information, visit their Facebook page.